Using Norpix StreamPix for Windows

Using Norpix StreamPix for Windows

Norpix StreamPix is a high-speed digital recording software for machine vision and scientific cameras. It allows users to capture from multiple cameras and supports 100+ cameras and frame grabbers from top manufacturers. The following instructions describe how StreamPix is used to acquire, save, and display images with LUCID cameras.

System Specifications

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Version 1909, Build 18363.836
  • StreamPix


Every grabber/camera/sequence file must first be created inside a workspace.

  • Create a new workspace in Workspace Manager dialog box.
  • Select LUCID Vision Labs as grabber in Grabber Selection dialog box, then click OK.

Workplace Manager Norpix Streampix

grabber selection

Connecting and operating a LUCID camera in StreamPix

1. Load camera grabber by clicking on the button in the Camera category and select the desired camera.

camera drop down

2. To duplicate camera stream, click on duplicate camera stream and select desired workspace source.


3. To Unload camera, Click on unload

4. To Reload camera, Click on reload

5. Press show docking panel button to access camera settings such as ROI, Exposure, Gain, Image format.Camera Settings Panel

6. To stream images, check the LIVE checkbox live button, and uncheck to stop stream.

7. To add additional workspaces, Click workspace manager button and add new workspace by clicking new workspace button.

8. To display multiple cameras, Click multi-display button and choose layout.

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