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getting started guide

Connecting your Camera for the First Time?

Start here! Click here for instructions on how to connect and power your Phoenix, Triton, Atlas, or Helios camera.

Arena SDK getting started

Arena SDK Getting Started

Click here for information on how to get started using our Arena software

3rd Party Getting Started Guides

Learn how to setup your LUCID camera with popular 3rd party software packages.
cognex visionpro software

Cognex® VisionPro
For VisionPro QuickBuild 9.0 64-bit
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matlab logo

MathWorks® MATLAB
For MATLAB 2017b 64-bit
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matrox imaging logo

Matrox® Imaging Library
For MIL 10.00 R2 (build 2995) 64-bit, MIL 10 Update 25 for GigE Vision and MIL 10.20 R3 (build 517) 64-bit
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mvtech halcon_logo

For HALCON (14.06.2017) 64-bit
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National Instruments™ (NI) Software
For NI LabVIEW 2017 v.17.0 and NI Vision Acquisition Software 17.1
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Norpix Streampix

NorPix StreamPix
For StreamPix
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opencv logo

For OpenCV and CMake
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pleora ebus logo

Pleora eBUS™ SDK
For eBUS SDK 64-bit
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ROS Logo

ROS (Robot Operating System)
For ROS Kinetic (Ubuntu 16.04) or ROS Melodic (Ubuntu 18.04)
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ROS Logo

ROS2 (Robot Operating System 2)
For ROS2 Eloquent (Ubuntu 18.04)
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Knowledge Base Articles

Application Notes

Application Notes provide detailed instructions, code examples, and sample images on how to operate popular features on LUCID cameras.

PTP 1588 action commands

PTP & Scheduled Action Commands

Multi Camera Synchronization Using Precision Time Protocol (PTP / IEEE1588) and Scheduled Action Commands. Read App Note...

i2c support

I2C Support On LUCID Cameras

Using Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) communication with LUCID cameras, with breakout board example. Read App Note...

App note using GPIO triggering

Using GPIO on LUCID Cameras

This App Note describes how to set a LUCID camera in Free-run Mode, Snapshot Mode and Trigger Mode. Read App Note...

Helios 3D Point Cloud with RGB Color

Combine RGB Color with 3D Point Cloud

This App Note describes how to combine Helios 3D point cloud data with Triton RGB color data to provide of colorized 3D point cloud. Read App Note...

App Note: Synch Helios2 with Triton Camera

Helios2 And Triton Synchronization

Learn how to synchronize a Helios2 and Triton camera for 3D RGB streaming using PTP & Scheduled Action Commands. Read App Note...

app note sharing bandwidth machine vision cameras

Bandwidth Sharing in Multi-Camera Systems

Learn how to interleave packets to address packet collision and discuss various methods for camera synchronization. Read App Note...

Technical Reference Manuals

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Technical Reference Manuals provide detailed instructions on using and configuring a camera model. They include information on how to operate camera features, such as image formats, triggering, chunk data and events, transfer control, as well as a complete device node listing with descriptions.